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Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement applies to the service and was prepared on October 1, 2021.

We’ve assessed the availability of the service ourselves.

Digital service availability status

Meets critical accessibility requirements. According to our own assessment, meets the critical accessibility requirements set by the Digital Services Act, ie the WCAG 2.1 A and AA level criteria.

Not covered

  • Office software files (e.g. doc, pdf, odt) released before September 23, 2018.
  • Video or audio recordings released before September 23, 20120.

Our websites do not meet WCAG 2.1 AAA level criteria. These include, for example, sign language interpretation and extended descriptive interpretation. In addition, recordings on our website and Youtube videos published before the Digital Services Act came into force are not subtitled. The law does not require videos to be subtitled retrospectively. We will text all video and audio recordings that appear after the entry into force of the Digital Services Act.

Our goal is the highest possible level of accessibility. We require our employees to consider accessibility in all content production.

Did you notice a lack of accessibility in our digital service?

Let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it. Email us and let us know what shortcomings you noticed.

Supervisory Authority

If you notice accessibility issues with your site, please provide feedback to us, the webmaster. The answer can take 14 days. If you’re not happy with the response you receive, or if you don’t receive a response at all within two weeks, you can report to the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland. The website of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland explains in detail how the notification can be made and how the matter will be handled.

Contact details of the Authority

Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland
Accessibility Control Unit
telephone 0295 016 000

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